In the Presence of the Master Combo Pack - Volume 1

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Discover both the breadth and depth of Sadhguru’s insights in this combo pack offering.

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"In the Presence of the Master" volume 1 is a series of stirring and insightful discourses given by Sadhguru. Seamlessly traversing a variety of subjects including relationships, children, education, and management, Sadhguru reveals how every aspect of life can be handled with ultimate sense and understanding.

In the Presence of the Master Volume, 1 is a set of 6 books

Book #1: A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride

Considering a Guru is supposed to guide seekers in the quest for self-realization, the statement “a Guru always takes you for a ride” may sound provocative and unjust; however, there are comprehensible, even compulsory reasons for it. Here, Sadhguru delivers rare insights into the Guru-shishya relationship.

Book #2:  Sexuality and the Divine

In this book, Sadhguru’s eminent insight and humor take the reader on an in-depth discussion about sex, revealing its true nature as an expression of unconscious longing to know the divine.

Book #3: From Creation to Creator

In this publication, Sadhguru dives into a rich repertoire of spiritual topics and leads us towards understanding the essential nature of who we are. 

Book #4:  Inner Management

Speaking at a premier management school, Sadhguru clarifies that management is not just about managing industries and businesses. “Life is management,” he says. And just as there is a science to handle the outside situations, Sadhguru offers a technology to manage our inner situation. 

Book #5: Inspire Your Child, Inspire the World

In this book, Sadhguru answers probing questions, discussing the state of modern education and the need to inspire a child to reach his or her true potential.

Book #6: Why Suffering?

Sadhguru reveals the true cause of suffering in this book, and he expands on his assertion, “As a human being, you know suffering not because Creation gave the suffering to you. Creation just gives you the freedom to make whatever you wish out of yourself.” 

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“This is something we cultivate in the child - that the child learns to look at every aspect of life with absolute openness without prejudice, without any religious, cultural, or any other kind of inclinations. With absolute openness he will look at every aspect of life. If that happens, whether you talk about spirituality to him or you don't, he will anyway turn spiritual. Spirituality will be a natural part of his life, not something that he pursues by going to an ashram or some other place. It will be just a natural part of his life, because he has developed a certain openness to every aspect of life; actually education was supposed to be like that right from the beginning. The very purpose of educating people is to broaden their horizons...” - Sadhguru, Inspire Your Child, Inspire the World  

“A thought cannot know life. An emotion cannot know life. An ego cannot know life. Only life can know life. If you stop being a bundle of thoughts, opinions and emotions, and just exist here as life - just throbbing pulsating life - knowing life is just natural.” - Sadhguru, Why Suffering?

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