100% Natural Bath Combo Pack. Traditional recipes. Complete range for your everyday use.

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Produce of India


Holistic Well-being

Proceeds from Isha Life are used to bring well-being to people and communities.

Product Details

This combo consists of:

  1. Kesh Jyothi Herbal Hair Wash Powder (100gm)
  2. Ojasvini Snanam Powder (100gm)
  3. Tejasvini (50gm)
  4. Danta Prabha Herbal Tooth Powder (50gm)
  5. Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil (200ml)


From a wisdom passed down generations, of recipes revered and rare,

Comes a traditional bath care ritual, made of native herbs.

The leisurely indulgence of herbal pastes rubbed on the skin,
a practice lost in time, for the convenience of lather and soap.


Renewing a cleansing ritual which we all have heard of, as the best. Made with homegrown ingredients known for their deep cleansing properties, Isha Life’s Bath Combo is an authentically made, safe, natural and an eco-friendly alternative to your everyday shower time. With no added chemicals and preservatives, this all natural herbal range will leave you feeling alive and invigorated to take on the day. 

Unique Isha Formulations

The bath care range is made from traditional recipes that have been revered over time

Conscious Alternative to Soap

Herbal powders that are cleansing and cooling for the skin, the bath range combo is a native alternative to soap

Chemical Free

Completely authentic in its ingredients and preparation, this cleansing range is safe and healthy to use.

How To Use


Start with a coconut oil massage. Gently massage the oil onto your scalp until it is completely absorbed. You can also give yourself a body massage with coconut oil.


For a completely natural dental cleanse, use Danta Prabha tooth powder. A simple 3 ingredient recipe, it protects you from dental ailments.


Make a smooth paste of Ojasvini Herbal Snanam Powder with water. Gently rub it on your skin and wash off, to experience a traditional bathing experience.


Soak the paste of Kesh Jyothi Hair Wash powder overnight. Wash your hair with this paste the next morning.


Mix the Tejasvini Face Powder with a little amount of water. It works as a refreshing facial cleanse.

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