Samyama Dress Code

  • No washing of clothes. Participants are required to bring sufficient clothes for the entire 8-day duration of the program. Please bring 8 sets (8 tops and 8 bottoms) of Samyama clothing or more.
  • Participants are required to wear only white or orange-colored clothes. You can buy clothes at Isha Yoga Center/ if you wish.
  • White clothes are available at Isha Yoga Centre/ including Kurta and Pajama, T-shirts and Track pants.
  • All orange tops must be purchased at Isha Yoga Center/ You cannot bring your own orange-colored tops since they have to be in a particular shade.
  • Pants must always be white in color. Orange pants are not allowed.
  • If you bring your own white clothes, there should be no borders, logos, or designs in color, even if it is orange. This includes track pants, dhotis etc. In terms of the material, Cotton is the best.
  • Please bring clothing that covers shoulders, knees and midriff at all times for both men and women.
  • Ladies: If you wear kurtas, they should be loose and up to the knees. Saris must be plain white, without patterns or borders. The sari blouse also must be white.
  • All warm clothing must be white (i.e. shawl, thick blanket, scarf, sweater, woolen cap, etc.)
  • Participants are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the program.
  • Anything used in the hall must be white. This includes bed covers, blankets, bed sheets, meditation chairs and pillow covers. Pillows and mattresses must be completely covered with white pillow covers and white bed covers.
  • Finding the required number of clothes that are of your size may be a challenge just before the program begins, so please finish your purchases well ahead of time.

Samyama Diet Guidelines

The following foods should be completely avoided 60 days before the program:

  • Any negative pranic foods. This includes garlic, onion, chili, brinjal (eggplant), asafoetida, coffee (even decaf), tea, alcohol, cigarettes and all other nervous stimulants.
  • Non-vegetarian food
  • Dairy in any form

Consume more natural foods (fruits, salad, sprouts, nuts) and kanji (porridges like Sanjeevini, Ragi, Millets). Bringing 50% natural food into your diet is a must. Best if you eat 100% natural foods. Bring in as much sprouted green gram and soaked groundnuts (peanuts) as possible.


For full guidelines, please refer to the Samyama confirmation email received from Isha.



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