Kesh Arogya Hair oil (100ml). Siddha formulation. Medicated herbal hair oil. Strengthens hair roots.

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Long lustrous thick black hair,

equally sectioned into three,

tightly intertwined till its very length,

to form a beautiful braid that you see.

Isha Life’s unique Siddha formulation, Kesh Arogya is a medicated herbal hair oil which is aimed at strengthening hair roots. A completely natural hair care remedy, this hair oil helps reduce hair fall and dandruff with regular use. Recommended to be used daily, it is free of parabens, silicones, GMOs, artificial fragrance and harsh chemicals.

Reduces Hair Fall

A unique Siddha formulation aimed at reducing hair fall caused due to body heat.

Prevents Premature Graying of Hair

Includes potent herbal ingredients which when used regularly, can prevent premature graying of hair.

Reduces Dandruff

A medicated herbal hair oil which is helpful in reducing dandruff.

No Chemicals and Preservatives

An all natural formulation, this is a herbal preparation that does not include any parabens, silicones, GMOs, artificial fragrance and harsh chemicals.

How To Use


Massage your scalp with Kesh Arogya Hair oil until it is completely absorbed by your scalp.


Leave it on your hair for the desired amount of time before washing it off.


Wash off with Kesh Jyoti Herbal Hair Wash Powder, for a completely natural and herbal hair treatment.


Use daily for best results.

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