Adiyogi Mahashula

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Height- 4.5"", Length- 3.5", Width- 2.75"

Weight: 130 g


Isha Life’s miniature version of the Trishul serves as a reminder of that. Exquisitely crafted with intricate details, it can be kept in your pooja room along with an Adiyogi statue. Let this Trishul be your constant source of inspiration to strive towards inner balance.The three-pronged companion of Shiva, 

Gleaming with deep symbolism,

Representing the three aspects of existence,

Creation, Maintenance, and destruction,

A balance between Ida & Pingala, Masculine & Feminine

And a constant reminder to strive towards it.

Shiva is always depicted with his iconic Trishul in paintings, pictures, and lore. But the trident isn’t a mere accessory. 

The three prongs represent the three aspects of existence- creation, maintenance, and destruction. It also symbolizes the three main pathways of our energy body- Ida representing intuition, Pingala representing logic, and Sushumna representing the empty space facilitating the balance between the tw



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