Serenity Natural Solid Beeswax Perfume

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The peaceful sigh of relief you exhale when you reach home after a tiring day of work is truly unparalleled. The process of unwinding from your 9 to 5 mode begins. You kick off your shoes and settle on the couch to finally…relax! This is the moment when you let all your guards down and finally let your mind and body be at ease. It’s you at your most comfortable self…it’s you being ‘you’.

The fragrance of unwinding from the daily ‘grind’, Isha Life’s ‘Relax’ Beeswax Natural Oil Perfume is a combination of essential oils that help your mind and body calm down and recover after your routine ends. This fresh musky scent has top notes of citrus bergamot and lemon. Packed in a brass jar with intricately designed Minakari work, this scent is easy to carry and long-lasting. It is a unisex fragrance and definitely one of our best.

Apply it to the inside of each wrist and dab a little behind each earlobe with inside of your wrists.

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SKU #: BC503
Country of Origin: India
Size: NA
HScode: 340119

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