Sambrani & Dasangam Gift Set


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The homecoming of traditional Indian fragrances,

The subtlety of incense, the purity of Sambrani,

The freshness of Dasangam,

Together, this ‘Gift of Grace’ revitalizes the space around you 

And elevates your festive spirit.

A blend of invigorating scents, our Sambrani & Dasangam Gift Set helps you create an ambience reminiscent of the rich Indian heritage.The purifying smoke of Sambrani and Dasangam effectively creates a warm, calming and relaxing atmosphere for all the festive rituals. Packed in an artistic box beautifully decorated with motifs representing the Isha Ashram, the set contains two Dasangam and two Sambrani packs.

Product Description

Sambrani & Dasangam Gift Set contains:

Sambrani With Cow Dung Cup (12 Pcs Pack) x 2

Dasangam With Cow Dung Caps (12 Pcs Pack) x 2

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More Information
Country of Origin: India
HScode: 330741

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