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Some words seem conclusively dead. Centuries of misuse and overuse have squeezed out the last drop of meaning from their bones. They rattle on in our vocabularies simply as a matter of habit. We can no longer use them without qualification or irony. ‘Spirituality’ and ‘sacredness’ are among these.

In this book, Sadhguru shakes the dust and mothballs off these terms. With his strikingly fresh perspective, he does not merely restore their resonance and dignity; he infuses them with something more significant: aliveness. In the process, he reminds us of their relevance, their pressing urgency.

By the close of this book, the reader realises with a jolt of surprise that long-calcified clichés – like the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘sacred’ – have turned suddenly into very real words, plausible options, green living possibilities.

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