Morning Stroll, Handloom Kalamkari Block Print Skirt

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Feel radiant in this full-length, flowing, and beautiful skirt.

Made in the Kalamkari style, local artisans create colorful and patterned textiles on handlooms and put many yards of fabric into each unique skirt piece. Kalamkari is a traditional art form that uses hand painting or block printing to create unique cotton textiles. Natural substances and vegetable dyes are used to achieve rich color instead of chemicals.

Attractive details adorn this skirt such as a thick, black border on the bottom inside of the skirt to give it shape and beauty; additionally, a zip closure and printed ties with triangular embellishments sit at the top of the skirt for an overall supportive fit.

Each skirt’s pattern conveys a different feel, color, and time of day or season. Explore all four elegant pieces:

  • Morning Stroll: Earthy blue, grey, and cream shades along with a leaf motif lend images of walking through dewy grass at first morning light to start the day fresh.
  • Paisley Dreams: Blues and whites paint a picture of a bright afternoon sky and a light breeze that allows one to take a moment to rest and dream.
  • Rosewood Blooms: A brick red backdrop painted with coral and sage floral blooms suggest taking in nature under the golden light of a red & pink sunset.
  • Midnight Garden: Opulent mauve floral buds on long green vines open up and show their petals at midnight; this garden flowers during dark, quiet nights.


Item Details:

  • 100% cotton and mercerized (a non-toxic process to increase quality)
  • Pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and to ensure color fastness
  • Dimensions in inches: Length - 41”; Waist - 34”

Wash Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash separately in cold water with mild detergents
  • Do not scrub or bleach fabric
  • Dry in the shade 

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More Information
SKU #: CW219-C
Country of Origin: India
Size: NA
HScode: 620462

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