Hammered Lamp With Snake

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The Hammered Snake Lamp combines the best of traditional and contemporary design elements. The two metal finish gives the lamp an interesting appeal. Be it an altar or a niche in your living room, this versatile lamp evokes a sense of devotion and awe in the onlooker. Made of durable, tarnish resistant metal.

Sadhguru tells us that lighting an oil lamp every day and staying in its presence for some time cleanses certain aspects of our system, supports yogic practices, and creates an ambience where you are naturally more receptive. For more information, read this article by Sadhguru on the significance of lighting an oil lamp. Wicks for the oil lamp are not included and may be found here.

To use the oil lamp: Roll the cotton wick between your palms until it becomes long and thin. Gently thread the wick through the wick holder, leaving about ½ inch exposed at the top. Fill the lamp oil reservoir to at least two-thirds with a natural oil such as sesame oil or ghee (clarified butter). Light the exposed wick and adjust the height of the wick as needed using tweezers.

The cotton wick is not included.

Click here for Copper cleaning instructions.

Dimensions in Inches:

H - 2.5 , Dia - 7

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Country of Origin: India
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