Lily of the Valley Natural Solid Beeswax Perfume

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In the cool temperate regions of Asia and Europe,

Soft, delicate, bell-shaped petals blossom

Radiating a timeless feminine fragrance

Sought after by people all over the world

Lily of the Valley- a classic scent to enliven your senses

Mesmerizing in nature, Isha Life’s Natural Beeswax Solid Oil Perfume captures the sweet floral fragrance of the rare Lily of the Valley. Encased in an intricately designed brass jar decorated with a beautiful Minakari motif, it stays tightly sealed for a longer duration. Dab just a little amount on your wrists and behind your earlobes for a long-lasting fragrance that will make you feel lively and energetic.

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More Information
SKU #: BC502
Country of Origin: India
HScode: 340119

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