Handmade Natural Pancha Bhuta Incense, 50 Sticks

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The fragrance of incense sticks is an important part of every pooja room or space. This is a set of 5 incense pack, These incenses are handcrafted by village artisans, which are dedicated to the Five elements of Jala (Water), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Bhoomi (Earth) and Aakash (Space).

Each pack contains 10 high-quality incense sticks: 

Water symbolizes fluidity, creativity and the ability to empathize

Air symbolizes freedom, lightness, and curiosity

Fire symbolizes inspiration, intuition, and passion

Earth symbolizes patience, thoughtfulness, and stability

Space symbolizes limitlessness, knowledge, and freedom

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More Information
SKU #: IN141
Country of Origin: India
Size: 50 Sticks
HScode: 330741

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