Handmade Dasangam with Cow Dung Cups, 12 Pcs

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This pack contains 12 pieces of cow dung cups along with dasangam fragrance powder in a sachet. The cow dung cups are to be filled by the dasangam fragrance powder. "Da" means 10 - the dasangam is made with 10 natural aromatic ingredients. This dasangam creates a soothing atmosphere of calm serenity.
The pack also comes with a small clay plate to keep the lighted Sambrani.
How to use: fill the cup with dasangam. tilt the cup and light it. Once lit, blow out the flame and place the cup on the clay plate provided. Dasangam is burnt in cups which act as a natural disinfectant killing harmful bacteria and repelling mosquitoes.
100% Natural Ingredients. No artificial fragrances added.

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SKU #: IN403
HScode: 330741
Country of Origin: India

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