Fragrances of Isha Gift Set

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Reviving the handmade and natural fragrances,

Made with unique infusion of various scents,

Incense, Sambrani, Dasangam and Cones,

This ‘Gift of Grace’ is an opportunity to welcome back the traditional fragrances of Indian culture.

A blend of invigorating scents, ourFragrances of Isha Gift Set helps you create an ambience reminiscent of the rich Indian heritage. The floral and woody notes of Jasmine and Sandal incense make their way around the house to fill it with liveliness and positivity. The purifying smoke of Sambrani and Dasangam effectively creates a warm, calming and relaxing atmosphere for all the festive rituals. Regular burning of the Akash and Neem is known to revitalize your home and surroundings with an auspicious ambience for new beginnings.

Product Description

Fragrances of Isha Gift Set contains:

Organic Incense Jasmine (50 sticks pack) x 1

Organic Incense Sandal (50 sticks pack) x 1

Incense Cone Neem (20 Pcs Pack) x 1

Incense Cone Aakash (20 Pcs Pack) x 1

Sambrani With Cow Dung Cup (12 Pcs Pack) x 1

Dasangam With Cow Dung Caps (12 Pcs Pack) x 1


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More Information
Country of Origin: India
HScode: 330741

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