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Dhyanalinga Pendant Package 

Includes a Dhyanalinga pendant with a silk rope necklace, Isha Vibhuti and Adiyogi Sutra.

Dhyanalinga Pendant with Silk Rope Necklace

This intricately designed pendant, which features an image of the Dhyanalinga on both sides, is consecrated by being kept in the Dhyanalinga temple at the Isha Yoga Center in Tamil Nadu for a period of time. Wearing the pendant enhances one’s receptivity. The pendant may be worn by any age group. In addition to the black silk rope (black enables increased energy absorption), the pendant may also be suspended from a copper, silver or gold necklace.

Consecrated Isha Vibhuti

Isha Vibhuti is consecrated by being kept  in the Dhyanalinga temple at the Isha Yoga Center in South India for a period of time. It is traditionally applied on the forehead between the eyebrows to enhance receptivity and sensitivity.

"Certain substances have been identified as substances that can easily gather and retain energy. Vibhuti is one which is very highly sensitive. You can easily energize it and give it to someone. " -Sadhguru

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Consecrated Adiyogi Abhaya Sutra 

There is a different kind of intelligence in inanimate things. Essentially, a sutra is a medium. We could use something else, but a thread is an easy and handy way to do it.

The consecrated thread is worn tied around the wrist to remove fear and provide support in fulfilling one’s ambitions. 

Women wear the sutra on the left wrist, men on the right. The sutra should be worn for a minimum of 40 days.  When removed (untied or burned, but not cut), it should be disposed of by burying in moist soil or it may be burned and the ashes applied to the body from the pit of the throat (vishuddhi) to the center of the chest (anahata). 

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