Deep Pink Pure Tussar Silk Stole


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Hand Block Printed Deep Pink Pure Tussar Silk Stole with Contemporary Abstract Design and Dark Purple Border.

Crafted from handwoven tussar silk expertly block printed by the rural artisans of Bengal, these stoles redefine the traditional tussar look with their strikingly textured prints and an alluring colour palette.

Tussar silk has a unique texture and its lightweight and porous qualities make it wearable in any season. 

Each of our stoles is a canvas of deep and rich colours adorned with geometric and abstract designs. The art of block printing breathes life into these luxurious silken masterpieces, creating a perfect harmony between texture and composition.

Wrap yourself in these inimitable stoles and make your very own style statement this festive season.

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SKU #: CU819
Country of Origin: India
HScode: 610910

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