Shipping policy

Free standard shipping for orders over $95. Free shipping on all books, CDs, DVDs and USBs. Please read the exclusions carefully.

Shipping Exclusions

  • Free shipping does not apply to the following products:
    • Sesame oil (1.58 Gallons)
    • Adiyogi 1-Foot Statue
    • Foldable backrests
    • Tables
    • Copper Storage Pots
    • Abstract Metal Wall Art
    • Devi Yantra Stand
    • Meditation Mattress
    • Carpets
    • Sadhguru's photo book
    • Photos bigger than 8" width and 10" height
    • Yoga Mats

Unavailable products

By the time your order is packed, sometimes the products become unavailable, out of stock. In this case we process a refund and ship the remaining items.

Damaged Packages

Please report damaged packages to Isha Life within two days from date of receipt. We will do our best to help resolve the issues. If you need to send an item back due to a shipping error on our behalf, please re-pack the item in its original packaging and contact Isha Life.

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