Brown Devi Consecrated Cotton Saree with Orange Border

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Linga Bhairavi, or Devi, is a powerful energy form that was consecrated by Sadhguru. She is the most exuberant expression of the Divine Feminine, and her abode is at the Isha Yoga Center at the Velliangiri foothills of India.

These saris are first offered to Devi as an expression of love and devotion. They embellish Devi’s sanctum for a certain period of time so that the natural fabric of the saris can imbibe her energies.

One can dress and adorn oneself with a Devi Consecrated Sari and experience the grace of Linga Bhairavi. It is particularly beneficial to wear the saris during special moments such as weddings, pregnancies, and certain rituals. The saris can also be hung in any place of sanctity to bring the protective and compassionate energies of Linga Bhairavi into that space.

Care Instructions: To maintain their vibrancy, saris should be hand-washed with cold water (only wash when necessary). Use soap nuts or other organic washing products.

Please Note: The product received may appear with a slight variation in color in comparison to the displayed photograph due to the lighting effects of photography. Consecrated items are not returnable.

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