Uyirnokkam - Life - A Purpose Unto Itself (MP3 Music)


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We’re delighted to have Shankar Mahadevan sing with us on this song! “Uyirnokkam” is an inspired creation by Sounds of Isha based on Tamil lyrics originally written by Sadhguru. The title of the song means the “purpose of life is life itself”.

Replying to the much asked question, “What is the purpose of life?”, Sadhguru has often answered that life is too big for any purpose – this is the essence of “Uyir Nokkam.” In Sadhguru’s words, “Right now, for most people, life means their job, the new house they’re building, the car they bought, their family and so many other things. That’s not life. It is not even your body, mind, thought or emotion.

Life means what’s throbbing within you. It is only because “this” is ON that everything else seems to be meaningful. If “this” stops, nothing around you will mean a damn thing to you or anyone. And life is a purpose unto itself, it need not have another purpose. It is a big enough phenomenon. Its magnitude is too large for it to be focused on something else. It is a purpose and an end unto itself.

Year : 2019

Duration : 6 min 38 sec

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Uyirnokkam - Life - A Purpose Unto Itself

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