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“Uyir Nokkam” is an inspired creation by Sounds of Isha based on lyrics originally written by Sadhguru. The title of the song means the “purpose of life is life itself”. Replying to the much asked question, “What is the purpose of life?”, Sadhguru has often answered that life is too big for any purpose – this is the essence of “Uyir Nokkam.”

Here is the English translation of the refrain:
The blossoming of flowers is life’s intent The growing trees are life’s intent Desires which surface in you are life’s intent What dwells deep within your heart is also life’s intent

Download the free ringtone of “Uyir Nokkam” to your mobile. An iPhone compatible version of the ringtone is included in the download.

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Uyir Nokkam Ringtone

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