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How does one express their gratitude to the air that sustains our life? How do you thank the food that builds you? Whom do you thank for the vision bestowed upon you? Whom to thank for the breath that sustains you?
And still, how can one not thank? When the basis of your life is not all your conscious doing, how can one not feel grateful? When you grow out of your ignorance to discover yourself, how can one not thank that being who helped you with this?

Not that it matters to Him. But it matters to us that we thank Him – our Guru – the light of our path, the meaning to our lives.


This is a song to show how thankful I am
Not enough but what I can…

You are my perfect mirror,
You show me what I’m not
In the endless pit of what once was me.
Layer and layer you peel off me,
the pain it is, but the joy it brings.

So thank you for showing me what I’m not,
for showing me what I could be.
Thank you Endlessly.

Oh, If I could only just be,
you could show me all the things I would be willing enough to see.

You are the only thing that has taken away
the pain I have known, the pain I have known.
Hopeless I was hopeless and nothing else would do-
you saved me yes you saved me.

Thank you for making it rain inside
for shedding those tears I hide
Thank you I thank you.
Thank you for showing me the love within
what would have taken me years- lives
if not years to see.

Oh, If I could only give in
you could take me on a journey-
no beginning and no end.

Help me, help me, help me surrender totally…

You are my special angel
you found me when I was out
of places to go, of people to which to turn.
Joyless I was joyless
you came and you caught me..
over the hanging cliffs of misery.

Thank you for showing me a joy within,
lovingly release my sin
of not knowing who I am.
Thank you for all these things
I thank you for everything
I thank you even for the things I’m not aware of.
Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Oh If I could wholly give in,
there would be no peeling only shedding of my skin.

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