Sadhguru Gnanathin Bramandam - Tamil

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Mystics Musings is a book for the thirsty. It is a glimpse of an oasis for someone willing to rise above the intellect and move towards the fountainhead of knowledge through the wisdom of an enlightened master. 

Written in Tamil Language

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Tamil translation of the English book "Mystics Musings", which encompasses the gamut of questions that have arisen in every seeker€™s mind at some point or the other. Questions about fear, desire, suffering, commitment, free will, determinism, God, faith, love, morality, self-deception, doubt, karma, the spiritual path, the mind, the body, disease, healing, madness, death, dissolution, and more.

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SKU #: BK302
HScode: 490110
Cover Style: Softcover
Country of Origin: India

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