Jagadodharana - Krishna & Yashodha (MP3 Music)


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“This is a Kriti, or poem written in Kannada by the saint Purandaradasa, marvelling at the innocent ignorance of Yashodha, the mother of Krishna. He writes about how Krishna, who is considered a god in the Indian culture, is merely a boy, a son to the loving mother that Yashodha is. She plays with him, scolds and chides him, oblivious to the miracle that Krishna is.
We hope you enjoy this rendition in Raag Kapi, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami by Sounds of Isha.

Lyrics and Meaning:

Jagadodharana aadisidale yashodha Jagadodharana maganendu thiliyutha

Magugala maanikyana aadisidale yashodha

Paramapurushana paravaasudevana Purandhara vitthalana adisidale yashodhe

Yashodha played with the savior of the world.

Thinking that the savior of the world was her son, Yashodha played with him.

Yashodha played with Krishna, who was a gem amongst children.

The one who is the supreme being, son of Vasudeva, the Vitthala of Purandara, Yashodha played with him.”

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Jagadodharana - Krishna & Yashodha

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