Floral Ecoprint Notebook

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The festive season always begins with a thorough clean-up of the house. This often leads us to stumbling on things from our past, like our old notebooks. More than what is written in it, these cherished items always speak more through the flowers tucked within its pages.


Inspired from a nostalgic memory of notebooks, our Floral Ecorint Notebook encourages you to put away your phones and pick up a pen. Made with handcrafted paper featuring an abstract floral design on the cover, it is an eco-friendly festive gift for your friends and family that can be used for journaling, note-taking, doodling and book-keeping.

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Dimensions in inches: 4.9 x 7

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More Information
SKU #: EX245
Country of Origin: India
Size: NA
HScode: 482010

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