The Bhairavi Raksha is a consecrated offering made of pure copper. The Indian traditional systems have extolled the benefits of wearing copper in close contact with the body since time immemorial.

The Bhairavi Raksha is an offering that draws from this wisdom and is meant to stabilize one's system and promote overall wellbeing.


1. Is it necessary to wear the Bhairavi Raksha at all times?

It is best to wear the Bhairavi Raksha at all times. If you are unable to do that, it is necessary to have it on for a minimum of 3-4 hours a day.

2. How should the Bharavi Raksha be worn?

The Bhairavi Raksha should be worn on the left hand by women and the right hand by men. It’s important that the Bhairavi Raksha has maximum contact with your body with no gap between the Bhairavi Raksha and the body.

3. Is there a specific direction in which the Bhairavi Raksha should be worn?

Ensure that the Bhairavi Raksha is worn in such a way that Devi’s image on the Bhairavi Raksha is straight and not upside down.(please refer to the images on top of the page)

4. Do we need to take off the Bhairavi Raksha while taking a bath?

The Bhairavi Raksha can be worn while taking a bath, however it should not come into contact with soaps or detergents.

5. How long should I wear the Bhairavi raksha?

The benefit of wearing the Bhairavi Raksha is not restricted to any period of time. It can be worn for life.

6. Can women wear the Bhairavi Raksha during their monthly cycle?

Women can wear the Bhairavi Raksha during their monthly cycle.

7. Is wearing the Raksha suitable for children?
8. Can another person wear my Bhairavi Raksha?
9. How should the Bhairavi Raksha be stored when not being worn?
10. What should be done if the Bhairavi Raksha gets damaged/broken with use?
11. How to clean the Bhairavi Raksha?

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