Ancient Technology For The Modern Mind (e-book download)


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This unique volume combines several discussions with Sadhguru, each encompassing a diverse range of themes. What emerges from these stimulating exchanges is the voice of a master – crisp, authoritative and inspirational, offering a refreshingly new take on questions that all seekers will recognize as their own.

Sadhguru speaks with a dispassionate and humorous evenhandedness, reminding us that the distinction between the internal and external is a trivial quibble over semantics. In both cases, the answer, he tells us, is to assume total responsibility for our lives – to take charge of the ‘self-start button’ in order to transform our interiority: ‘Today, we have learned to control our climate with modern technology…Similarly, there’s a science and technology to control our inner climate.’ And again: ‘If we don’t have peaceful human beings, having a peaceful planet is just a pipe dream.’ And yet again: ‘Misery is always self-created.’

Sadhguru addresses the predicament of the modern mind and the modern world with unsparing precision and lucidity. As a guru, he represents a long-standing border insurgent himself – one for whom the final frontiers between life and death, matter and spirit, inner and outer lives, no longer pose any barriers.

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